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Lynda Carol Smith
Lead Vocals

Birthday: December 28, 1973
Married to Drew

Other Instruments
Guitar, Drums

Musical Influences
Wynonna Judd
Barbra Streisand
Sandi Patti
Stevie Nicks
my mom, my dad, and my brother

favorite food - cucumbers
favorite color - hot pink
toothpaste - Crest Whitening!

Lynda is a joy to work with. She has many God given gifts and talents. She brings music to life in her own special way. Her voice is like pure clover honey with a touch of tabasco- sweetness, clarity, power and a kick when needed. Being along for the ride in the pursuit of Lynda's lifelong dream is fun and exciting- I think she will do well. I'm proud to be one of her many fans!

-Jeff Long

A Word from Lynda:

Hello everyone! I'm Lynda Smith!

Actually, I was born 'Lynda Carol Smith' on Friday, December 28, 1973 at 4:01 p.m. to James Wickham and Carolyn Bailey Smith. I was due on Christmas Eve, but I was four days late! I guess I decided to wait until the weekend! Since then, I've always been late and I've loved Fridays at 4!

There was one person who, at that time, wasn't all that pleased that I came into the world. His name is James Richard Smith. When I was born, he took on the new role of 'brother' and proceeded to do all the hateful things that older brothers are supposed to do to their little sisters. At six years old, he asked my mother if they could take me back. I believe this was right after an episode of building blocks (he did the building, I did the knocking down). Of course, I still thought he was great even after he kept telling me I was found in a ditch.

So, I continued to try to hang around him, which only annoyed him more, and, in doing so, I was forced to eat mud pies, be the victim of tickle fights and bicycle chases, succumb to head farts (you don't want to know), and numerous other treacheries. Still, I persisted. He wasn't all bad, though. He did take up for me if I really needed it. He taught me lots of things too - how to fight (hands on), to be fair, to be honest even if it hurt, to play kickball and football and to always include the littlest player even though she was a girl and wasn't very good, to have good rhythm, and to always root for the Cowboys! There's more, but I just don't have enough space.

Richard and I were raised in Mathews County, Virginia, on a small farm with a couple of horses, a couple of cattle, some dogs and some cats. The only pets that Mom allowed in the house were me and Richard. We lived very near to a lot of cousins and we spent our days playing in the woods, building forts or riding three-wheelers (until I accidentally put diesel fuel in it). That ended the 3-wheeler. Speaking of cousins, today we have forty-two 1st cousins and around one hundred 2nd and 3rd cousins not including spouses. We were never at a loss for playmates. We had very normal childhoods except that we used to go out to sing at places - a lot of places! We always went to church on Sundays (and some Wednesdays) and always sung at Donk's Theater (or some other dance hall) on Saturday nights. I learned to dance at some of those places on top of my daddy's feet. It was great.

I guess I started public school when I was six. I was kind of skinny back then. Mom said I looked like a little Ethiopian walking down the lane to the bus. I liked school alright and got good grades. I went through my ugly stage like everybody does. Some say I never got out of it. I had the occasional boyfriend. I learned just as much from friends and relationships as I did from books. I stayed active in school - sung in the choir, was the editor of the yearbook and the newspaper, was on the flag corps in the marching band, was the track statistician, plus other things too. I graduated from Mathews High School on June 12, 1992. We just had our 10-year reunion and I was voted 'least changed'. I don't know exactly what they meant by that, but I figure it was because I've had the same long blond hair and chubby cheeks since kindergarten, I haven't stopped singing, and I'm still the first one on the dance floor at parties.

I went on to college after graduation, but didn't really like where I went, so I quit. I started at another college in January 1993 (much to my mother's relief). After 5 years of commuting back and forth every day to Newport News, VA, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA degree in Communications from Christopher Newport University. That school and I got along well!

Since I had finished college, I figured it was time to make something of myself. So, instead of the obvious (getting a real job with a nice retirement plan), I opted to move to Nashville to become an immediate star and make millions. Once I got there, I was sure they would see how talented I was in no time. I drove out of Mathews County in my 1983 red Chevy Camaro in February of 1999. When I got to Nashville, I realized 'they' didn't care if I was talented or not because there were thousands more that had just arrived that day to show off their own talent. It was going to take a lot more than just showing up to make those millions. A lot of really good things happened to me in Nashville. I met some great people who believed in me enough to help me, but even they could see that I wasn't all that happy living there. When I decided to move home to Virginia, most people figured that was it. I had given up. Honestly, though, I just missed my family, my friends and playing music. See, for business reasons, I was advised not to play music in Nashville on a regular basis which meant I didn't get to do what I loved best. So, I came back to where I could.

I'm the kind of person who wants it all and doesn't see any reason why I can't have it if I work hard enough. I didn't 'give up'. I just started again.

About a year after I moved back home, I did my annual concert at Donk's Theater in Mathews and my future husband was in the audience. We went out four days later on a blind date (well, blind date for me; he already knew what I looked like, but not up close). I was a little apprehensive at first about getting into a serious relationship, but he won me over pretty quickly. (After only four months, we were engaged!) He's the perfect man for me. He is a gentleman and knows how to treat a lady. He believes in tradition, honesty, and good values. He's 'guy' enough to love to hunt, chop wood, watch football, build stuff, and work on tractors, but he also knows the meaning of romance and when it's time to put on a tux and light the candles.

Andrew Walker Greve (Drew) and I were married on August 11, 2001 at my family's church. Afterwards, that city boy from Arlington, Virginia, who is a country boy at heart, swept me off to Maui for 10 days and started building me a home in Mathews, the place I love the most in the world.

Today, our dream home is built and we live there with our dog, Simba. I still have my red Camaro. Drew is the guidance counselor for the elementary school here and I work for a nonprofit organization as their office and project manager during the day. At night, I'm still a self-employed dreamer who sings with my band, Live Wire, in which my brother plays drums. I have been traipsing back and forth to Nashville recording a new CD, knocking on doors and generally letting everyone know that I'm still around. I haven't made those millions yet, but I have made a lot of friends and I know they're worth a heck of a lot more. (I'm not giving up on the millions just yet though.) I work hard, smile often and thank God everyday for the life I have been given! And, most importantly, I never stop looking forward to each new day and the possibility in it.


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