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Jeffrey Thomas Long
(Jeff, affectionately known as JLo)

Keyboards and vocals

Birthday: November 25, 1963

Marital Status: Single

Other Instrument:

Musical Influences:
Rich Mullins,
James Taylor
Elton John,
Billy Joel,
Diamond Rio
my mom, brother & sister
& my current bandmates

Other bands played in:
Eagle/Thomas (1984-1986)
White Lightning(1987)
Four Wheel Drive(1989-1991)
Dixie Rose(1992-1995).

Jeff Long (or as we all like to call him, J.Lo) is the only original member of the ‘Lynda Smith and Live Wire’ band other than myself that is still in the band. We go back a long way. We started playing music together in January 1995. On stage, he can bang out a piano solo with the best of them and then melt your heart by singing a tender ballad with that smooth baritone voice. We all tease him incessantly about being the oldest and wisest member of the band, but it’s just that - teasing. We all love Jeff dearly. He’s always there with a positive attitude, a kind word, and a helping hand.


A Word from Jeff:

All the bands I've played in were based out of central Virginia. I've played throughout the southeastern, northeastern & central US. I also have done solo contemporary Christian music for churches & retreats since 1988. I released a cd entitled "Saved By Grace" in 1997. I started in Live Wire in the spring of 1996 with the original band........

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