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James Richard Smith
(Richard or 'Wildman')

Drums and vocals

September 24, 1967

Married to Jeanie
Stepfather to Brittany

Other Instrument Played:

Musical Influences:
Neil Peart (Rush)
John Bohnam (Led Zeppelin)
Travis Tritt
Curly Collins (local musician)
Joe Maphis (Nashville Musician)
and Benny Kissenger (local musician)

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Richard Smith is known around music circles as the "wildman" and it's not just because of his long hair and flamboyant playing style. As you'll read in other parts of this site, we met when I was born and he was six. Yes, he's my brother. Richard taught me a lot of what I know about music and performing. He grew up with a drum set and I grew up singing with him while he played it. He's not always been behind a drum set though. When he was little, he used to dress up in glitzy outfits and sing those great, fast rock and roll oldies at Donk's Theater in Mathews where he'd shake his hips and throw scarves at the old ladies. Today, he knows better than anyone how to get a crowd going and no matter where he is on stage - out front or behind the drums - he loves to entertain!


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