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Jeff Abbott
Lead Guitar and vocals

Born: Jan. 4th 1969

married to Samantha
father of Kyle and LeighAnn

other instruments played:
Bass, on the side

musical influences:
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Eddie Van Halen
Alex Lifeson
Neal Schon
Geddy Lee
Steven Tyler

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Jeff Abbott and I met a long time ago way before we started playing music together. I believe he and my older brother were in a band called 'Bad Ace'. They are both rock and rollers at heart and that's how they met and started playing together. It wasn't until our old guitar player had to quit that my thoughts turned to Mr. Abbott. He had been playing in another country band for a while to pay the bills, but was looking for something else. I was a little skeptical because I knew of his rock and roll background and wasn't sure that he'd fit well in our country band, but we auditioned him, offered him the job, and that was the end of the skepticism. That was years ago. He is one of the most versatile musicians around and he adds a spark of unassuming confidence to any performance. He's also studying to be a high school English teacher. Now, that's one class I'd LOVE to take!

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