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 "it’s only when you look into her bright hazel eyes that you truly understand what music means to her."
When her two little feet first stepped onto the stage of her family-owned theater in Mathews, Virginia, at only two years old, Lynda Smith couldn’t have realized the chain of events that were set in motion that night.  The audience adored her and she became the youngest member of Virginia’s Li’l Ole Opry.  The song?  “Daddy’s Little Girl”

Whether at the theater, local fairs and festival, concerts, or church services, Lynda literally grew up on stage with every phase of her life being placed to music.  When you see her perform and hear the sweet fullness of her voice, you can almost see it, but but it’s only when you look into her bright hazel eyes that you truly understand what music means to her.  It’s as natural and essential as breathing.

Ever since her first major solo concert at age 10, Lynda has planned and executed hundreds of concerts and became the only local artist to sell out regional concert halls.  Why?  Well, one could chalk it all up to talent, but that wouldn’t quite tell the whole story.  Her creativity, desire for perfection, attention to detail, and sheer determination are what has gotten Lynda Smith where she is today. 

Today, in addition to performing an uncountable number of concerts, Lynda has released four self-produced recordings (and is currently working on her fifth), written numerous songs, established a fan club with hundreds of devoted followers, and performed several lead roles in highly acclaimed musicals.  With all that under her belt, you’d think it would have been enough to keep one person busy, but not this ball of energy.

After graduating high school in 1992, Lynda wisely decided to follow her parents’ advice:  “Go to college”.  So, in December 1997, after five years of study in her field of Communication, Lynda found herself with an honors degree, a dream of becoming a star, and a big decision to make.

After some deliberation, that decision was made.  Once some money was saved (the practical Capricorn) and once she could say farewell to her fans, she was moving to Nashville.  And that she did.

Lynda met and started working with a wonderful publisher there (who is also from Virginia) and now enjoys the freedom of living in Virginia, working in music with her band, and traveling back and forth to Nashville for performances, demos, meetings, and other business matters.

“My mom asked me if I could be happy getting a regular job, settling down, and singing on weekends with my band.  I told her I could be very happy doing that, but not until I had tried my best to make my dream come true”, Lynda says.

Her dream.  To think, it all started with one song, “Daddy’s Little Girl”.  And she still is.

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 Copyright Lynda Smith 2001
photograph by Michael Nelson