Lynda Smith Fan Club
Jody L. Hudson, President
P.O. Box 217, Hudgins, VA  23076

New Memberships include:
Welcome sheet, Fact Sheet, Quarterly newsletters, 8x10 color photo, Member Card

Initial Membership Dues:
Individual $10, Couple $12

Membership Renewal per year:
Individual $5, Couple $6

Since you clicked onto the Fan Club page in the Lynda Smith web site, you are probably already a member or you are thinking of becoming one. Either way, you are a smart person! 

The Lynda Smith Fan Club has hundreds of members and is going strong! It was started in January 1994 with about 10 very dedicated members who saw an opportunity to support a talented, upcoming artist. 

Since then, it has not only grown in members, but also grown in benefits. Each fan club member receives a quarterly newsletter, photos of Lynda, first-to-know privileges for special events, special seating at concerts, and much more.

I have been lucky enough to have been the president of this fan club since its beginning. My name is Jody Hudson and I'm so pleased you dropped by my portion of the web site, which is dedicated to Lynda's wonderful fans!

Come on in! Join the Club!!

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Copyright Lynda Smith 2001
photograph by Michael Nelson